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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Sorry guys i have not bloggerd in a while i have been oh so busy! I have been planning my wedding and working and getting ready for school..anyways i also have a new kitty named johanna i have been trying to make her feel confertable also. anyways tonight i am going to post a few manicures. from the past 2 monday mani's..                                 
this is my tape mani i used holo i love it..
and this is my animal mani also in celebration on johanna

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Manicure monday Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ meets summer fruits.

As you all know Mondays are manicures, well finally this Monday was fruit and as you know i love to do fruit so i was so happy i did two Monday manis. the 1st one i did was Grapes i got the idea from she is amazing!!!!!


And now for my 2nd mani for monday manicure i chose to do blue berries not alot of people do blueberries when thinking of fruit manicures so i wanted to give it a not sure how well it turned out but i like to think it is a work in progress and i will do another one...

Anyways guys its really late so i am off to bed...have a good night

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Monday mani..❤GLITTERBOMB❤

Every monday Polish-aholics Anonymous does a monday manicure, this mondays challange was a glitterbomb!!! I must say before this mani i had no idea what a glitter bomb was lol but i do now.My glitter bomb isnt so bomb lol but i like it to say the least since i dont own to much glitter and its all a top coat glitter. anyways enuff about my rambling... and here r some pics
this is the look i went with ===>
and i thought the light coming off this was cool <==== hahaha...
and another blurry pic..

Friday, July 15, 2011

neon safai

I had a awesome day today. I went to sallys and used my 5$ off cupon for getting the sallys card i got 6 new polishes. i got my 1st ever china glaze. :) the color is spontaneous, my 1st ever finger paints
the lighter one is chrysathe-mum's the word and the other isavante garde green i also got 3 small sally girls in pink purple and orange neon wich i used in my mani all in all i only spent 9 bucks :).

Fruit..mmmm cherry's

I have been doing a  fruit theme this summer and this time i went for cherry's it was a simple manicure. excuse the pic cause it is with my phone camera i did not have my lovely new camera yet.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New camera, New nail polish and a good day..

 Hey everyone. Today was a good day for me i went to sally's and got china glaze awaking.When i got home i had it was not nail mail..i wish.. i got my new camera a canon im so excited because i get to take some pics and blog its been a while so in this blog i am going to put a lot of pics

This is china glaze awakening its a really pretty color i have a swatch for you guys its not to awesome cause my nails r a mess at the moment 

 I also FINALLY got nubar 2010.... It is amazing i used it over black and this pic does not do it any justice

 I also got klean colors holo and milani 3d its there holo polish..i got party of 5 glittters,seagrna the teenage witch and sea witch from wnw and also a opi

. i swatched the green 3d holo and then stamped butterflies in a dark green. my honey steve picked this manicure..

Monday, July 11, 2011

✿Mani Monday✿+ 50 followers

Hey guys so its been a while  since i have camera is now broke so i have to use my cell phone and it is not so pretty. So in the lovely group i am so happy and luck to have found we do a mani monday. each monday we all vote on the next weeks theme and this monday was the sponge manicure, i was sorta scard to do this one because i have never done one before. anyways here is the finished product lol. also i wanna thank everyone who read this blog. i hit 50 followers and at 100 i will be planning a giveaway.