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Friday, April 29, 2011

My new mani

Its been days since i did a mani. with me being sick and all. So if u want this look here is how i did it.
I started of soaking my hands in warm soapy water for 5 min.Than i puched back my cuticles with my cuticle tool then i removed them with the remover. then i soaked my nails in olive oil that i mixed with some water after a min or so i rubbed it in the nail(im not sure if that did anything these are all ideas i found online about at home manicures..after all that i used some lotion and started the painting process.
STEP#1 i put on a clear coat of sally hanes hard as nails.(after my acrilic nails came off my nails are bad)
STEP#2 i painted my nails using wet n wild wild shine the color lady luck. i only used 1 coat.
STEP#3 i pained the tips of my nails with sally hansen xtrea wear in the color blue me away i also only used 1 coat.
STEP#4 after my nails were dry i used my white konad polish and my bundle monster image plate bm10 and my mash plate m60.

STEP#5 then i used my clear coat and let them dry.

sally hansen blue me away,went n wild lady luck,bm10,m60

all my new polish.

So sorry its been a while since i posted but i have been busy with aizen (my 1 year old), house work, and i am sick blah..i know..right.. so i went to kmart and they are having a sale buy on wet and wild get one free.. so all in all i got 10 new pollish

Monday, April 25, 2011

My 1st attempt at water marble nail art

Ok so i seen online this wonderfull tutoral on water marbleing ur nails. it was so awesome i just had to try it. it isnt as easy at it looked but not all to hard i started a little after 8:30 and it took about a hour. i am really happy with the outcome but it is a really messy prosses.( im sorry for my spelling i suck at it) here are a few pics of the marlbe art. forgive my post i am really new at blogging.   

Friday, April 22, 2011

My 1st blog.

Ok so here we go.. this is my 1st blog, in this blog i will be talking about nails. im not sure what i am doing so any ideas or sugestions are welcome.
 I have found a new obsession and that is my nails, i paint them about 3 times a week and use konad/bundle monster image plates to make awesome designs. my colection is growning i have over 40 image plates and a few konad specail nail polishes and 40 regular polish of all kinds.