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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New camera, New nail polish and a good day..

 Hey everyone. Today was a good day for me i went to sally's and got china glaze awaking.When i got home i had it was not nail mail..i wish.. i got my new camera a canon im so excited because i get to take some pics and blog its been a while so in this blog i am going to put a lot of pics

This is china glaze awakening its a really pretty color i have a swatch for you guys its not to awesome cause my nails r a mess at the moment 

 I also FINALLY got nubar 2010.... It is amazing i used it over black and this pic does not do it any justice

 I also got klean colors holo and milani 3d its there holo polish..i got party of 5 glittters,seagrna the teenage witch and sea witch from wnw and also a opi

. i swatched the green 3d holo and then stamped butterflies in a dark green. my honey steve picked this manicure..


  1. What a haul,and a new cam too! That is awesome!

  2. Hi! I'm new to your blog! I found your link on the Facebook group- Polish-aholics Anonymous... I like your blog!!!!! I love the title of your posts and I just bought that nubar color. Got it in the mail today!!!